9 beauty hacks with Vaseline 

Untitled-1Don’t need to spend money for expensive cosmetics, treatments,creams when you can use multitasking miracle cream, Vaseline.

When you use false lashes you’re using glue, and Vaseline will help you to get rid of lash glue. Put some Vaseline on cotton swabs on your lash line and wait few minutes and then peel off. 

When you love to wear earrings but sometimes you feel pain putting it, put some Vaseline on ears and it will be easier and with little less pain.

Vaseline is good for exchanging cosmetics like highlighter. Next time when you don’t have on hand highlighter put some Vaseline on cheeks and you will see no difference at all.

Summer sandals can transform even the softest heel into a scratchy, flaky mess. Before bed, slather your feet in Vaseline and then put some socks on to wake up to tender tootsies.

Define lashes with Vaseline if your beauty routine is minimalistic. They will have volume and will grow faster.

When you have a cold or allergies, runny noses will often lead to redness in the area. Chapped, cracked skin caused by excessive tissue use can be avoided by dabbing a bit of Vaseline on and around your nostrils to add moisture back.

Contrary to what you may think, Vaseline is noncomedogenic, making it OK for use as a face cream without worrying about clogged pores.

If you forgot to reapply your SPF at the beach and are paying the price with painful, red skin, liberally apply Vaseline to the affected area.It’ll help lock in moisture to your dried-out skin and prevent snake-like peeling.

By mixing ordinary sugar with an eighth of a teaspoon of Vaseline, you can create an easy lip scrub for a supersmooth lipstick canvas.

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