Amazing beauty benefits of coffee for your skin

We all love to drink coffee, but do we ever think about the benefits for our skin that coffee can give us?

Perfect skin is all we wanted and sometimes using expensive cosmetics isn’t enough.

Using nature ways of skin care is something you can’t go wrong with it.

Coffee is excellent example for that.


If you have a puffy eyes, that can be result of crying, sleeping and when there is fluid retention in the body, among others. Puffy eyes are as a result of fluid retention in the under-eye region. For this you will need a coffee serum. You can make this serum with using this ingredients:

Infuse 1 tsp of ground coffee in 2 tbsp of almond oil for 4 days. Then strain out the oil into a bowl using a cheesecloth and add 2 drops of vanilla extract. Using a dropper, transfer the ready-made serum into a 10 ml roller bottle. Roll under each eye before bed and when you wake up to reduce puffiness.

Caffeine in coffee is excellent for removing cellulite.It stimulates circulation of blood and lymph in the body which helps transport toxins and wastes to sites of elimination. Using a coffee scrub also breaks up old fat cells which accumulate to form cellulite.


Use on your skin cellulite scrub made from coffee. Mix coffee, sugar, cinnamon, few drops of almond oil in an empty jar. Leave it 30 minutes and then use it in parts where you feel like you most need it. Wash it with warm water.

Coffee stimulates blood circulation which is good for beautifying skin and making it look supple and glowing. Make a coffee scrub and use it to promote blood circulation.

Dry and flaky feet can be unsightly especially during cold winter. Make a feet beautifying scrub to soften cracked heels, moisturize feet and soften them.

Coffee is also great for your brown hair. Put one coffee spoon in bigger plate and add some water. if you have longer hair put more water and coffee. Put all your hair in plate and make sure that all hair is covered with coffee. Than put hair in towel and leave it for 30 minutes. After that wash your hair with a shampoo, use conditioner and enjoy in beautiful hair with volume and shine.



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