Beauty hacks with ice cubes …

When it comes to beauty hacks, an ice cube is the most underrated product. It’s easy to make and is extremely versatile. Best of all, it is practically free! There’s probably some in your freezer right now.

One of the most popular uses of ice cubes is for shrinking acne. A pimple is a small injury, after all. Ice can calm redness and swelling, especially if you have cystic acne. It can even relieve pain in the same way it numbs bruises. However, remember that pimples are sensitive and also full of bacteria. So be careful when applying an ice cube on the face for acne.


There are many people who spend 10 -12 hours in a day in front of laptop and television sets. They have no benefit on your skin but leave you with puffy eyes. In such case, take an ice-cube and rub them over your eyes. Ice cubes will relax your eye, treat dark circles and reduce the puffiness too. Wrap few ice cubes in a soft cloth and apply it under the eyes. You can also mix cucumber juice with the boiled rose water and freeze this mixture to keep on your under-eye circles. It will help in fading away dark circles and also reduce puffiness. Don’t forget to cool down the rose water before putting it in freezer.

Rubbing an ice cube across the eyebrow line makes the region temporarily numb, thus reducing the agony of tweezing eyebrows. Repeat the procedure after plucking eyebrows as it helps in preventing redness.


Use of ice cubes before applying makeup is practiced from ancient types. Rub few ice cubes on your face and then apply makeup. This will help the makeup to stay well on your face and also last longer.

For a cheap facial, make milk ice cubes for the skin. The lactic acid in the milk will scrub away dead cells and freshen it up. You can even add pureed cucumber or blueberries for extra exfoliating power.


Oily skin is one of the most irritating skin issues, which leaves you regularly wanting to just wipe that oily sensation off your face. But worry not, ice cubes might be just the thing you need. The cubes are said to reduce oil secretion in your skin and leave it fresh.Right after washing your face, rub the skin with ice cubes wrapped in paper towel or plastic cover. Apply moisturizer once done. You can even make ice cubes with mint to give a cooling effect.



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