Detox drink for sunny spring

Spring days are here and we are ready to enjoy in them. Sun ,flowers and cool outfits. Pastel, bright, colors are totally in, but we need to do one more thing.

We need to detox our body. One simply way to do that is with cool and easy detox drink. You just need to be creative because they are so easy to make and don’t need a lot of preparation.

Choose your favorite fruit, like lemons, orange,red orange,watermelon, lime add some water, fresh mint and ice cubes.


 Idea for your detox drink

You will need:

5 Lemon

4 sprigs Mint or lemon balm

1 Orange

1/4 cup Honey or maple syrup, wild

7 cup Sparkling water

Ice cubes
3 lb Oranges (juiced)
Mix all of it in a glassed jar and decor as you want

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