How to care for your curls

Different patterns and types of curls require different styling and maintenance routines. Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed as frequently as straight hair. Frequent shampooing can stretch and stress out fragile strands, and dry out thirsty curls. However, conditioner is your friend. Welcome that friend into the shower with you frequently, applying conditioner even if you don’t shampoo your hair.


It is enough to wash your curly hair once or twice a week.Think of your curly hair as fine cashmere. You wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater with a harsh detergent, and you shouldn’t cleanse your curls with a harsh shampoo. Use a mild shampoo or a low-lather cleansing conditioner that will refresh your hair and scalp without stripping away too much of its natural moisture and oils. Many curly girls even go a step further and dilute their shampoos or cleansing conditioners with distilled water.Drying your hair with a T-Shirt will greatly reduce frizz and breakage after washing. Since shirts aren’t as absorbent, gently squeeze your hair out before drying but never twist it.

Next great tip on how to take care of curly hair is, when you really have to use a blow dryer, always use a diffuser attachment with it. This will diffuse the hot air so that it is not concentrated on just one spot and it will help your hair dry evenly and keep your curls intact.



Never brush curly hair. Seriously, if you even own a brush, get rid of it at once!Only comb your hair with a wide tooth comb before your shower, or gently finger comb after the shower. Remember that wet hair is more prone to breakage, so be super patient and gentle if you’re combing it wet.To take care of curly hair is to avoid ever brushing curly hair, because this will separate the curls and create the hair frizz. Use a wide toothed comb instead and, working from the bottom up, gently detangle the hair.

Using a hair mask once a week will also help keep curly hair in perfect condition. The best masks for curly hair are those that contain keratin, which help prevent damage to hair and lock the moisture in.

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