How to couture your face.. Easy steps that will give you final results

You want to have perfect makeup look and to look like a professional take you and make your face look perfect doing some professional tricks. But there is one good thing that you can have perfect makeup with only following this easy steps.

Contouring your face helps define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin. It’s a technique that was popularized by celebrity makeup artists, but with the right products and equipment it’s easy to do on your own.

 First you need to prepare your skin with moisturizer.

Then apply foundation to even out your complexion.Using a foundation the same (or close) color as your skin evens your skin tone and provides a base you can build upon when you contour using lightest and darkest shades. Contouring your face without first applying foundation is much more difficult, since skin tends to be uneven in color. Your face could end up looking patchy instead of smooth and contoured.Use a foundation composed of the same material as the other products you’ll be using; for example, use all cream products or all powder products, rather than mixing the two. Mixing textures can result in a caked-on look. The only exception is your finishing layer of powder, which you either way to help your look last longer.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what color to get, try matching your foundation to the skin on your neck. Your neck skin tends to be a bit paler than your face, and matching your foundation to your neck will ensure your face doesn’t end up looking darker when you’re finished doing your makeup.

Highlight with a color one or two shades brighter than your face. Focus on: in the center of your forehead.Along the top of your brow lines.Along the bridge of your nose.On the apples of your cheeks (to find them, smile).On your cupid’s bow (the section between the tip of your nose and the top of your lip).In the center of your chin.

Contour with a color one or two shades deeper than your base tone. Focus on: your hairline, the hollows of your cheekbones, your jawline and neck (to make it look seamless and natural).



Blend with a beauty sponge by patting in short, quick dabs until the lines are invisible.Use your fingers or the foundation brush to blend the colors for a natural finish. Take care not to spread the colors around too much; you want them to stay in the general area where you placed them. Make sure the edges are blended well so that there are no sharp divisions between the lighter and darker foundation.

 Set with a light powder and add just a bit of blush on the apples of cheeks.Setting powder is helpful to use when your products are cream-based. It helps to keep everything in place and gives the look a smooth finish. Use a clean powder brush to add a light coating of setting powder over your entire face.

And you’re ready to hit the town with your flawless new look!





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