How to detox your body with cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the most underrated ingredients around, even though they have so many health benefits.

Cucumbers have been a popular vegetable used in Indian traditional medicine since ancient times. Known for their antidiabetic, lipid-lowering and antioxidant activity, cucumbers have a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the body.

They’re also naturally “cooling” and a great way to prevent dehydration, constipation and overheating.


Cucumbers are one of the vegetables with the highest water content, which means they offer valuable vitamins and minerals, yet they’re super low in calories — with only about 16 calories per cup. Since they’re about 95 percent water, they do a good job of taking up room in your stomach and visually adding volume to meals without weighing you down.

Cucumbers support the digestive tract, including helping to cleanse the liver, which is our main detoxifying organ, by removing accumulated toxins and waste materials from the blood and gut. They’re also a natural diuretic food, which means they can help the body produce more urine to carry out toxins and waste.

In the process, they’re great for reducing bloating and uncomfortable water retention — one reason to fill up on cucumbers after a night of salty food or alcohol.

With all of the health benefits of cucumbers, there is no reason not to enjoy cucumber detox water on its own. Simply combine one cucumber with two quarts of filtered water for a refreshing, tasty drink.

Cucumber also pairs well with lemon, adding additional flavor to help keep you drinking this water throughout the day. Along with all the health benefits of cucumber, lemon helps to burn fat, flush out toxins, and boost your immune system. Simply add in one half lemon, sliced, into your pitcher with your water and cucumber.

For a refreshing, tropical twist on cucumber water, add some mint and lime. Mint helps to further reduce inflammation, and limes add additional vitamin C for the immune system and can help burn fat. Add one lime and five mint leaves to your cucumber and water. It is important to leave the leaves intact and not torn to help preserve the mint oils.


Drinking more water could be one of the best weight loss habits you ever undertake with such amazing long term health benefits.

The best cucumber water benefits are the great taste and healthy nutrients it provides your body while helping you lose weight.

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