You need to learn, how to wash or shampoo your hair, because it’s very necessary to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
Hair play an important role in a girl’s life and so it’s her duty to take proper care of them. I can say, around 60% of us don’t wash hair in the perfect way.
But, after reading the article below you will learn to shampoo your hair in the perfectly right way.

Brush your hair before washing.

To reduce breakage and stimulate circulation to the scalp, you should always brush your hair before washing it.

Now, wet your hair and apply shampoo on the scalp.

After brushing, wet the hair and apply shampoo to the roots of the hair and then down. The amount of shampoo should depend on your hair-length.

Scalp Massage

Now, massage your scalp at least for 2 minutes in the circular motion. And, never rinse it immediately.

Now, it’s the time to rinse the hair.

Always rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

It’s time to apply the conditioner.

Pour some conditioner on your palm and take it on the basis of your hair-length. Always apply it at the end of hair because at the end, the hair are more damaged. Applying conditioner near your scalp and roots can actually slow hair growth/increase oil production. So, apply conditioner mid-length of your hair.

Finally, your hair will look like this.

After so much hard work, you will find your hair more flippy and shiny. So, always try to wash your way in such way to get healthier, long and beautiful hair.

Also we suggest to you do not use conditioner and styling products on your scalp. Don’t wash your hair with hot water. Don’t wear  tight hair styles, don’t brush or comb soaking wet hair and don’t abuse hair styling technologies.


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