How to look younger without going into surgery?

Before you go under the knife, consider the transforming power of makeup. As we age, our skin develops fine lines and wrinkles and we might develop a habit of moaning about different parts of our faces we wish we could change — the sagging jowls, the sallow skin, the deep lines on the sides of our noses.Makeup artists know the secret to a flawless makeup job is actually not in the makeup, but in the state of the skin. If your skin is in great condition, you won’t need much makeup.One of the biggest problems with age is dryness. Before you apply eye makeup or foundation, always start with a generous slathering on of moisturizer. This step is super important because it plumps up skin, and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply a hydrating moisturizer over your entire face and dot eye cream around your eyes. Over your driest areas, dab a bit of super rich face balm. (You can skip this part if you have oily skin or you have never in your life considered the need for a face balm). The eyebrows are often overlooked, but a great set of brows are as important as even skin tone, perfectly made up eyes and the right lip color. Every makeup artist I know fills her own brows in. It’s the first thing she does. A good brow may mean less makeup. It could be one of the few things you need.There are 3 brow problems that many older women face. The first is brows that are out of control, like a garden left to grow untended.The second problem is a bad shape — too thick on one end, too thick on the other, or a brow that stops too short. And the third problem that naturally happens as we age, is thinned-out brows. Getting your brows professionally tweezed, threaded or waxed is the way to go. Once a pro has shaped your brows, upkeep is relatively simple. A simple brow pencil may be all you need, so you can fill your eyebrows and have complete look.
After you are finished with soaping and applying moisturizer, you need to cover your under eye dark circles using the correct ty16143124_1739646636352945_4488004241179577624_npe of concealer for your skin type. Press the concealer in with the pad of your fingers. After that you need to decide what kind of look do you like for your eyes. If you are more for natural look you should use neutral eye shadow and apply eye pencil. If you are for bolder eye you could use darker eye shadow and blended and that put liquid eye liner. Than comes mascara, but before you put mascaras on your lashes you will need to curl them with eyelash curler. Always put 2 coats of your favourite mascara. You can finish your natural, flawless look with using a blush in the right color and your favourite lipstick.

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