How to protect your hair from cold days 

Our hair always need right hair protection no matter if you going to use expensive hair products or you will choose natural hair products.

In cold season our hair need different hair protection which is different than the hair protection that you will need in hot season days.

1. Shampoo less often to help with itchy, flaky scalp- Plaques of skin can smother the scalp, not only causing itch and flakes, but smothering growth as well.Shampoo a little less if you can. 

2. Switch to an oil-based moisturizer to lock in extra moisture-Blasts of dry air are not good for any type of hair. The only way to combat it: extra moisture. “Natural, curly, wavy, relaxed, and coiled hair is sensitive to cold weather, when it’s prone to brittle texture, breakage, and split ends,”. 

3. Commit to weekly treatments to keep hair hydrated- Dry air also means all hair textures should focus on weekly hair treatments to replace lost moisture. “Hair dries out in winter from not having enough moisture in the indoor air, which is when a good conditioner comes in handy. 

3.Use dry shampoo for volume if your hair has gone limp-Those with oily hair might find their hair goes extraordinarily limp, particularly when it comes to the dreaded “hat head,” which can ruin your style and, you know, your whole day. “You’ll want to shampoo a little more, and condition a little less, especially at the root.

4.Hydrate hair overnight with an oil or serum-Dry night air leeches moisture from your skin. It can sometimes create a mess on your pillowcase, but I say designate an old pillowcase for ‘hydration night.’“Always cover your hair with a sleep bonnet or silk scarf to avoid friction. 


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