How to protect yourself from getting cold?

Autumns season is also known for rainy,windy days and that can be unpleasant when it comes to our health.
We can get cold and that can be so difficult if we have one.

But how we can protect from getting cold? So we can boost our body?
For breakfast drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice (sources of vitamin C) with your hot or cold cereal.Add dried apricots (source of vitamin C) and iron-fortified cereal to your favourite trail mix.Enjoy hot or cold cereal with fortified soy beverage and orange slices or kiwi (sources of vitamin C).
Try whole-grain toast with almond butter and sliced strawberries (source of vitamin C).

For lunch enjoy a chicken or beef stir fry on top of whole grain rice or quinoa
Add cooked dried beans to beef-chili.Add split peas to a fish chowder.Make mango chicken wraps or beef and rice kebabs.Add oranges, grapefruit or strawberries (sources of vitamin C) to your spinach salad.Have hummus or black bean dip with whole-wheat pita wedges and broccoli and red or green pepper slices (sources of vitamin C).

For dinner have enriched pasta with meat and tomato sauce (source of vitamin C)
Enjoy a shrimp and vegetable dish.Add red or yellow lentils to a chicken casserole.Try dark green leafy vegetables as a side to pork tenderloin.


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