It is Christmas time

December is one of the most beautiful month of the year. Not because is the last one of the old year, but is the month when we are waiting the New Year 2018, this time.

December is the best especially when you fell the Christmas spirit in town. Al l that lights in town, trees,happiness in people’s heats, that make you feel beautiful and full with expecting the biggest holiday in the year. Don’t forget about shopping , because we all want to buy something new for wearing on New Years eve and holiday. We buy for us and our dearest, because we all want to see present under the Christmas tree.

Here are some ideas for decorating your home :

1.Fire place

For those who have fire places, Christmas decorating present a lot of fun, because we all remember how Santa Clause comes to our homes … If you have fire-place don’t forget to put the Christmas socks so you can get your present


2. Decorative shelves

Decorating book shelves in holiday style became a popular hit. Just put some interesting winter object between the books and your shelves will have a totally new look.


3. Don’t forget about windows

We all want to see how houses or apartments are decorated for Christmas, so don’t forget to show your personal creativity for your own place. Put lights in interesting forms like stars or snow bells, put candles and you already have decorative windows.


4. Doors

Holiday spirit should be felt from the entering your home. That is why don’t forget about your door. Doors can be easily decorating with simple decor that you can made you with using only green trees, glue,  lamps, and candels.


5. Home Christmas tree

This is the most important part of decorating. You can decorate your tree how you want. From choosing the classic decorating to modern tree.


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