Makeup that will make your freckles look amazing

In the past girls with freckles felt ashamed because they are having freckesl, but nowdays girls put a fake frecles on their faces just to have them.

We say you shouldn’t be ashamed of them. You should be proud and show them.

Every detail of our body is beautiful, you just need to find way to show it.

Choose a lighter foundation. “The key to wearing foundation when you have freckles is choosing one that creates a sheer veil over the skin.

Use your neck to find the perfect foundation color. Choosing the right foundation color is hard, but it can get a  little trickier when you have freckles.

Use mascara,enhance your natural beauty with a few coats of mascara, rosy cheeks and just bitten lips. Mascara will express your eyes and your frecles will show their beauty.


Lips, pay attention on lips. If you are girl with freckles, try using shiny bright colors. Your lips will be bigger, and will be beautifull contrast with freckles.

Eyes, when it comes to eye makeup, play with colors. DOn’t stay only with brown and black eye pencil, try different colors. Best way to express your eyes and your frecles won’t be in the first plan.

Highlighter and blush, are must have on. Use peach colors to show your beautiful frecles.





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