Micellar water was created as a face-washing alternative to using the harsh French tap water. In order to get away with taking the sink out of the equation, the ingredients had to be mild so it wouldn’t irritate, inflame, or strip the skin.

As women, can we all agree that there’s no bigger feat than motivating yourself to get up and wash off your makeup after you’re already in, what I call, Netflix and Chill Mode. But it’s much more realistic when you can wash your face and remove your makeup, foundation, eyeliner, and lip color, in one fell swoop.

Instead of your old tried and true washcloth, you don’t need to rub your face, causing redness and irritation. You don’t need to follow up with toner either. For a one-stop clean that precludes the need to turn on your water tap, it doesn’t hurt to have a bottle of micellar water nearby.

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