Tasty ideas for your tomorrow breakfast from all around the world 

Every day is different and full with different tasks that we need to find energy to finish them and then to be able to continue to be full with energy for our family and friends.

That is why we need to take care about ourselves, our health and one way to do that is to eat healthy meals that we will give energy enough for our fast way of leaving life.

Russian breakfast- pancakes, sandwiches, porridge (kasha), cottage cheese.

French breakfast- croissants, baguette, French bread rolls, jam, butter, honey, fruit, coffee.

English breakfast- bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms, tea, tomatoes, eggs,toast.

Turkish breakfast- black tea, pomegranate juice, vegetables, fruit jam, Turkish bread, honey, halva, menemen (scrambled eggs with vegetables), sucuk, white salty cheese.

Brazilian breakfast- ham,papaya, fresh juice,toast, jam, coffee with milk or without It, cheese.

Chinese breakfast- crepes with meat filled, pork and shrimp porridge, tea, dumplings, soya milk.

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