Woman’s seductions sometimes is in her lashes. You don’t need fake lashes for beautiful and sexy look. Just practice and follow some of this advises and you will have result you desire.

If you want to protect your lashes from the chemical substences in the mascara, 10 minutes before you put your mascara on apply on your lashes olive or coconut oil.

Even if you are using the most expensive and high quality mascara, always make a break once or twice in a week, so you can give time for your lashes to facilitate their natural renewal.

Add some drops of saline solution or olive oil in your mascara for it to achieve the same consistency it had when it was new.

Use an eyelash curler as usual, but try to put on mascara at the same time so your eyelashes are curled and your eyes aren’t getting dirty.Warm your eyelash curler up with a hairdryer for couple of seconds before using it. The lashes will now stay curled much longer.Use an eyelash curler as it’s shown in the picture: direct it upwards to achieve a more curled effect.

Mascara should always be the last step in your makeup. We suggest for you to use a light eye pencil for the inner part of your lower eyelid for an additional trick; this will add more expressiveness to your look and make your eyes visually bigger.

To make a color more intense, cover your eyelashes from both sides: inside and outside.



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